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Our project: Proxima Cities


Proxima Cities is a city building game, playable with two different views, both 2D and AR with a different kind of development strategy. Focused on ecology principles to teach and educate the youth and every single player about the importance of ecology in our lives.

The player will manage his city via 2 main screens. A 2D screen menu, where he will be able to manage his city from a top simple view, to construct and sell buildings, like in old SimCity games. And most importantly an AR scene to view his city in 3 dimensions, in which the player could get more information and visual feedback about his city and citizens status. The player’s goal is to make his city grow, caring about keeping his citizen and city healthy.


The earth got damaged way too much by the polution, breathing the air started to get dangerous for those who would go outside. We reached a critical state of emergency and we can do nothing now to save the earth. Some scientist of the Gamevrest lab, in collaboration with the NASA, found a planete, close enough to be reached before a lifetime, and structured similarly to earth. This was the occasion to escape our dying planet and start our lives over in a new land. This time, we would need to do everything we can to take care of this fragile ecosystem in order to guaranty a healthy life to every living species. This is how the Proxima Cities project began. Let’s build our new green cities together.



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